ISLAND – Come With Me

Having played a show at Oslo earlier this April that was sold out two months in advance, London quartet ISLAND continue their steady and momentous ascent with new song Come With Me. It forms the second part of their blistering new double A-side single alongside the recently released Spotless Mind.

Come With Me is a testament to their unswerving ability to write what feels right. The liquid pentatonic licks that introduce the song are steely and full of blues while the relatable subject matter and immersive ambience make it something that speaks to everyone. It’s just another reason to keep a close eye on its makers.

The culmination of a year’s work is now starting to pay serious dividends. ISLAND stand way above the herd because they were never consciously trying to stand there in the first place. They’re just doing what they do – writing and playing great songs.

Spotless Mind/Come With Me will be released as an AA on Beatnik Creative on the 17th of June.

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