Gregg Garvey – Stay Out Late

Gregg Garvey is an artist and songwriter from Minnesota. Influenced by artists such as David Sylvian, Big Star and ‘60s-era Scott Walker, Gregg’s work infuses folk-rock with psychedelia, baroque-pop, and Americana.

In 2012 Gregg took the leap west from Minneapolis to Los Angeles. Landing in Echo Park where indie label Lolipop Records is headquartered, he was invited to have a tape released on the label which has been titled This World Is Mind. This piece of alt-rock is apparently inspired by a past life regression so understandably it is a fairly serious affair, Gregg’s voice successfully portraying the emotive process of writing. The use of folk and psychedelic sensibilities tie nicely with the theme and the way in which he skips between narratives making comparisons to late nights in the city is exemplary songwriting. 

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