Alpines – Completely

In an age when we’re seemingly more desensitised to the idea of intimacy, Catherine Pockson’s emotive lyrics convey the complex nature of giving yourself so completely to someone only to feel short changed by them in return. Bob Matthew’s propulsive and nuanced production is full of subtlety, entwining with Pockson’s R&B melodies to create something canny and beguiling. Minimal sound but maximal emotion, while the songwriting evokes the melodic ear of hitmaker Jamie XX.

Thanks to these textures, ’Completely’ belongs as much on catwalks as it does in headphones, and Alpines are no strangers where the convergence of music and fashion is concerned having collaborated with All Saints, Paul Smith, Urban Outfitters, Madame Figaro Magazine. This weighty resumé of things Alpines have achieved in the fashion world and beyond since their debut album informs the sound of ‘Completely’: it’s cutting-edge, slick and trendy without trying.

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