The Rhythm Method – Party Politics

The Rhythm Method works. Joey writes the words. Rowan writes the music. They like TV theme tunes and related videos. They like radio stations in GTA San Andreas and the soundtrack to Bugsy Malone. They like Lover’s Rock, Pub Rock and The Rock.

The Rhythm Method wants. Rowan plays piano. Joey cuts hair. They like Barbara Streisand and Rod Stewart. They could take care of each other. What are we gonna watch now? Inside the Actor’s Studio or Graham Norton? The Rhythm Method decides. How would you know they were lonely if they didn’t tell everyone?

The Rhythm Method have shared the video for their first single ‘Party Politics’ today. The single will be released on Fnord, a new label set up by Swiss entrepreneur Freeman Celine, on digital outlets on Friday 25th March and impacts Friday 29th of April.

The Rhythm Method will play live at Nambucca on Holloway Road on March 31st.

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