Lao Ra – Daddy Issues

‘Daddy Issues’ is the strident second track from Lao Ra, whose debut ‘Jesus Mad Me Bad EP’ will be released on Good Friday (March 25th). The title track has already gone Top 10 on Hype Machine and Spotify’s Viral Chart, picked up support at Radio 1, and seen the Colombian star-in-waiting sign to Black Butter Records / Sony. Having recently opened for MØ and Rejiee Snow‘Daddy Issues’, the forthcoming ‘Tell Me Why’ and an additional Spanish-language take on ‘Jesus Made Me Bad’ will accompany the original version on Good Friday’s EP.

Airing today, ‘Daddy Issues’ mixes Carnivalesque hip-hop beats and glitchy electronics in a playful portrait of the Latin father figure. “I see a lot of men who struggle with being a parent and don’t really know their role in family life. Back in the day they would just bring the money home, and didn’t really have a connection with their kids. And as a consequence of dads being distant and absent, we don’t really know how we’re supposed to be treated by men and often end up fancying the bad boys, who are as aloof as our fathers.”

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