Broen – No, My God

It’s the dark side of ladies night – the heels, the dresses and alcohol-fuelled messes. Norwegian quintet Broen glam it up on latest offering ‘No, My God’, with vocalist Marianna Røe pondering post-club frivolities: “We bumping round like a party of T-Rexes, wearing tiny little freaky dresses”.

Beneath the track’s gleaming exterior lies a somewhat existential brood: “It’s about ignoring your problems, and drinking, partying and instagramming your problems away,” Røe explains. “And then getting lost in who’s right, who’s wrong and all the different voices that argue WHICH God could or should help… ‘No, MY God’.”

The track captures Broen’s genre-clashing, gloriously indeterminate charm, serving a synth-illating instalment of Britpop, hip-hop and West African rhythms.

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