Vimes – Nights In Limbo

Vimes, a band who have been operating in one form or another for over four years look ahead to the impending and anticipated release of their debut record ‘Nights In Limbo’. The German duo have taken their time to experiment and hone a style and brand to surround the music they are associated with, moody photography and perplexing line work accounted for. The album itself begins with an unheard track ‘Harpoon’ with twinkling and timid strings opening into a multi-layered synth designed to hold pace for its four minute duration and introduce both the sound and the vocal. It is fairly pleasant listen with a simple and soothing hook as Azhar purposely emphasises the sultry ooh in harpooned.

The following two tracks have been previously released as singles, ‘Mind’ has a menacing electro backbone not too dissimilar to ‘The Man Machine’ Kraftwerk and a strong vocal delivery on a very well written and memorable chorus. ‘Celestial’ also has this industrial electro backbone which the likes of Hotchip do so well and a more pop led chorus despite atmospheric digital vocal layering and theatrical aim. Unfortunately by ‘Rudal’ the album’s fourth track things to begin to falter, whilst attempting theatrical they stray into mundane territory creatively a heavily overproduced interlude at best.

‘Tuem’ continues with six minutes of very little variation or intrigue, more synth and an inescapable feeling of over concentration of the digital structure rather than what will fills it. ‘Clks’ is more playful with a New Order style delivery and an upbeat piano melody yet once again the synths kick in and attempt turn the track into a forced banger, bitter irony in the line: ‘it’s a fraction of trying too hard’. The boys can clearly see the festival tents packed to the rafters waiting in anticipations for these brooding songs to build to heightened relief yet a 13 track onslaught is not going to create any atmosphere at all. Dance maestros such as Hot Chip and Disclosure have vividly diverse discographies that help emphasise their bonafide bangers.

‘Ential’ is a swaggering sway with a smooth R & B undertone pulling it away from the thrashing waters of melodrama yet nine tracks in it feels a little too late as we prepare again to re-enter the banal trance throws of ‘Esk’. There are moments of ‘Nights In Limbo’ that show real promise from this electro dance outfit yet the over reliance on production techniques leaves this album aiming for the headline slot and ending up in a forest tent at 4am.


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