High Highs – Cascades

High Highs are Jack Milas and Oli Chang who release their new album ‘Cascades’ on February 5th 2016. The band have just shared another new track from Cascades’ called ‘How Could You Know.’

 Jack Milas describes the creative process behind the track as such: “This tune was one of the first ones we wrote when we finished touring and went to the country to start writing. Its a simple song that came out really naturally. It was the song that bridged the gap between the first record and this one. Once we had How Could You Know I think we had the confidence to step further into unfamiliar territory for the rest of the record. We had a lot of fun playing this one in Oli’s living room with just a piano and 12 string guitar, and that method dictated how we wrote a lot of other songs on the album. It was important to us that they sounded great stripped right back.” 

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