School Of Seven Bells – On My Heart

School Of Seven Bells are pleased to share a new track off their upcoming and final record, SVIIB. Entitled ‘On My Heart‘, the new single serves as a precursor to the album’s release on February 26th.

It was in the summer of 2012 that SVIIB was written, “That summer, when Benj and I started making the album, was one of the most amazing times of our relationship as two people,” Alejandra Deheza recounts. We were so happy, and we’d finally reached this perfect balance, after going through all the things we did together. There was no baggage, no hurt any more, everything was pure, true friendship. We’d hit every color on the spectrum. We were so close, and we had this flow like we’d never had before. That summer was so happy, and the mood and energy of this album perfectly captures that time.”

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