Daughter – Not To Disappear

Daughter, the alt-rock trio with a penchant for the poetic return with one of the year’s most anticipated sophomore records. The band has remained near silent after the release of ‘If You Leave’ allowing its personable impact to resonate with its listeners. A record built on solitude and bitterness was curiously beautiful and proved to be expectedly difficult to follow up. ‘Not To Disappear’ begins in similar mournful tones as ‘New Ways’ envelopes you, Elena’s vocal offering comforting familiarity despite narrating an all consuming break up where she risks her very identity.

Tonra has stated on the creation of this record she feels less self conscious to share her thoughts and experiences. On ‘Mothers’ listeners feel slightly intrusive upon the outpouring of emotion. The production elements reach new heights here, highlighted on debut single ‘Doing The Right Thing’ as Aguilella and Haefeli wholly dictate the pace and direction of this expressional piece of progressive rock, Elena simply decorates with haunting and hushed tones. Its video directed by the formidable duo Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard is undoubtedly one of the most powerful pieces of music film released in recent years

Predictably titled ‘Alone/With You’ characterises the drowning, inescapable issues of consciously choosing a relationship devoid of love or care as an extension of the grounding ‘Still’ from their debut. Although fairly straightforward at times, anybody who has experienced the crippling realities of walking, eating, existing in a near unbroken solitude will find a chilling comfort within this track.  The overall sonar tone of the album has a similarity to Sigur Ròs and War on Drugs, designed to soundtrack the solitary, evoking images of lonely cities and night times alone.

As ‘If You Leave’ offered more direct pulls to the heart strings and tumblr-ready lyrics ‘Not To Disappear’ is centred on immersion, a record to become completely lost within. It runs like a mournful piece of cinema in continuous greyscale shot panning once and again to moments of complete overwhelming fervour (‘Numbers’, ‘No Care’) as they flicker past leaving your mind to reflect upon what you witnessed.

‘Not To Disappear’ is released in the UK on 15 January 2016 via 4AD Records

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