Banoffee – Do I Make You Nervous? EP

Singer and producer Martha Brown has established herself as one of Australia’s most alluring and creatively minded new talents. Following on from the release of her eponymous EP in 2014, she readies herself for the release of ‘Do I Make You Nervous?’ with a wealth of new experiences and subject matter within these swelling electro soundscapes. ‘Oceans’ brings thumping, pulsating synth bass notes against an emotionless vocal introductory before supernatural layering is brought in for a truly unique pronunciation of the song’s title. It seems difficult to pin down Banoffee’s influence as she fluctuates between Goulding vocal warbling to powerful Scandinavian pop pronunciation. The entire track begins to shake and shudder in time for digital soundbites similar to early Hot Chip to carry through the outro.

‘I Am Not Sorry’ is a bold, confident narrative as Martha takes time beneath an overdue spotlight to brashly disclaim responsibility for a relationship’s demise. A satirical track that tears a past lover limb for limb in a fearless facade with rumbling strings, ominous vocal layers and an incredibly cold delivery. ‘Fall Fast’ steps into deep downtempo, a trend noticeably fruitful for 2015 with retro snare beats and an exquisite, celestial vocal drifting over this alt-new wave ditty. A sonar not too dissimilar from Anglo/Russian songstress Shura, Banoffee’s vocal retains a sweetness likened to her namesake with a weightless quality. This can become a detriment exemplified during the closing ‘Body Suit’ where the vocal leaves no real lasting impact and the metaphors of suffocation and bodily contact become confusing and disordered.

‘With Her’ is undoubtedly the highlight of this sophomore EP with lofty production values, relatable lyrical content and an overall grander vision of what Banoffee is capable of. It sits somewhere between Chvrches and Robyn tinged with ice cool, breathy R & B chorus delivery that builds with natural pace reflecting Martha’s own confusion and frustration with the narrative. There is clearly reason as to why the blogosphere has been exciting itself with the work of Banoffee for the past twelve months and this second EP ‘Do I Make You Nervous?’ offers the most authentic collection of evidence for the appeal.

Banoffee releases ‘Do I Make You Nervous?’ EP on October 2nd through Dot Dash/Remote Control Records

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