Oskaar – Never Met You

After sending a hungry, viral tornado through the music / fashion blogosphere, with his acapella version of Royksopp’s ‘Monument’, Oskaar is back with a beast of an original, the song entitled ‘Never Met You’. This sultry, liquid, steel drum driven future R&B tune is a heart wrenching epitome break-up song. All the key ingredients that make for a classic in this genre were polished and distilled to essential perfection – the song is raw, emotionally exposed, savagely honest, hauntingly tender, and like a good fuck it straddles the fine line between pain and the gratification of emotional release.

In his own words Oskaar says: “the song is about pure resignation – feeling so hurt and devastated by a break up that all the negativity outweighs all the good things the two of you’ve shared in the past, and you truly feel that you wish you’ve never met this person. And feeling this, in turn, makes you feel even more sad.”

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