Green Man: Festival as Vacation

There are growing concerns of an over saturation in the UK festival market and a number of larger events forcing to cancel proceedings due to poor revenue and problems with sponsors. This has seen the concept and appeal of festival as vacation increase dramatically over the years with the likes of Latitude offering a large array of activities away from the music and mud of its competitors Reading & Leeds. The success of boutique Festival No 6 encapsulates the movement from the ‘big five’ as V Festival and T in the Park have failed to sell out for the past number of years.

Nestled in the Welsh countryside is perhaps the most harmonious and rejuvenating festival vacation you will find this summer, step forward Green Man Festival. Taking place in the idyllic Brecon Beacons, it may not boast the A list lineup of juggernauts akin to Glastonbury but it offers something completely unique that is immeasurable in album sales.

1. Location

Due to the sheer demand by larger events to offer more stages and more music, the idyllic greenery is now awash of tent tops and beastly crowds meaning the identity of your surroundings is almost completely absorbed within the noise and mayhem. In contrast Green Man prides itself on adapting to create a melange with nature in startlingly successful outcomes. The tranquil tones of the Fortune Falls entice you to lay by the waterside under the watchful eye of the menacing dragon whilst Nature Nurture offers restorative services for the ailments amassed the night before complete with spa treatments, daily yoga and hot tubs promising one of the steamiest views of the whole site.


2. After Dark

One of my largest personal issues with major festivals is there blatant and oblivious short sightedness when addressing the balance between daytime and nightlife. Granted there may be a smorgasbord of superb music on stages from midday however as the lights cut to black on the main stage shortly after 11pm this is the signal for revellers to return to their tents as the arena plunges into a similarly dark void of inactivity. Whereas at Green the proverbial nighttime wicker man simply awakes as its main stage dragon companion heads off to slumberland and thousands look towards the Far Out field for moonlight raves, surrealistic dance acts and bonfire congregations as the clock strikes upon the Witching Hour.


3. Refreshments

Gone are the days of a five day feat of questionably cooked cheeseburgers and warm cans of Strongbow looming ahead the weary festival goer. Food and drink are becoming a growing point of discussion at festivals and Green Man is ready to accommodate and cater for all guests with a dazzling variety of procurable culinary fortunes. For those more interested in their nourishment’s liquid counterpart, the festival now boasts to hosting a somewhat legendary Beer and Cider festival with over 99 varieties available for sampling. It is time to abandon that 16 case of Carling and do both your arms and tastebuds a momentous favour.


4. The Music

The 2015 edition of Green Man offers three headliners at the very top of their respective games. Alt-disco darlings Hot Chip are riding the wave of critical acclaim for their latest album featuring the irresistibly infectious ‘Huarache Lights’, is there any better Friday evening option available? Wales’s own Super Furry Animals are celebrating the fifteen year anniversary of ‘Mwng’ following on an end to their hiatus and the imaginative musicians are sure to play a set to remember. Sunday evening sees Green Man address the lack of women in headline positions with the bizarrely brilliant St.Vincent who set 2014’s circuit alight with her visceral and engaging show. Also performing across the weekend are Slow Dive, Goat, Father John Misty, Villagers, Mew and many more.


Green Man Festival takes place between 20 – 23 August 2015 in Brecon Beacons, Wales


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