Everything Everything – Get To Heaven

Manchester art rock quartet Everything Everything are something of an anomaly as they sit in an indescribable limbo between too cult to be popular and too popular to be cult. The debut record was very much an underground masterpiece as the smallest venues turned ‘MY KZ UR BF’ and ‘Qwerty Finger’ into bespoke anthems for the modern technological age. The follow-up saw singles ‘Kemosabe’ and ‘Cough Cough’ high atop the Radio 1 Playlist and earning them a top 5 chart position in the UK. Ahead of the release of ‘Get To Heaven’ Everything Everything faced a looming crossroad and in their wonderfully exclusive fashion tore straight down the centre.

This is a record that could have sat comfortably on the playlists of both the Radio 1 and 6Music playlists as the thumping, repetitive ‘Regret’ alludes to anthem on casual listen before you delve deeper into its disjointed, illogical lyrical structure which is punctuated with that synonymous troubadour vocal of Jonathan Higgs.  The tropical introducing verse of the title track demonstrate sophistication and restraint when it comes to writing and producing unassuming anthems as it is both danceable, ethereal and transcending all at once.

‘Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread’ is yet another stomping, splintered, sunny alt-pop ditty with a truly malevolent lyrical undertone that is almost entirely dismissed on first listen. This seems to be Everything Everything establishing themselves as a band of so much more intent and dismisses all critical pondering they are simply a product of the indie hype-machine. ‘The Wheel (Is Turning Now)’ is an early point of ascension on the record as the celestial, extended verses reminiscent of Arcade Fire clash destructively with the itching, frenzied instrumental breakdown before an unnerving harmony is achieved as both sonar structures steadily bubble towards an ominous crescendo with Higgs vocal as the only remaining companion.

‘Fortune 500’ keeps the live show very much at the focus of its narrative and melodic architecture and has become a fast burning favourite during the preview tour with unrelenting percussion and a droning, cinematic vocal bridge that identifies Everything Everything as a band destined to be larger than any preceding prediction. ‘Get to Heaven’ would be a brilliant album without the addition of premier single ‘Distant Past’ yet this art rock disco banger elevates it to exceptional territory and will aid the band’s ascension towards the very top of festival lineups across the country. It is an irresistible, indescribably good dance record that does not require the subtraction of any Everything Everything eccentricity in order to make it universally accessible. This record very much marks a turning point for the Mancunican outfit and the future may seem as erratic as ever yet there is an undeniable glow from the sparking potential lay beneath ‘Get To Heaven’.

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