Ryn Weaver – Notting Hill Arts Club, London

On Wednesday evening, Turks followed a bustling crowd inside the cosy Notting Hill Arts Club for a sold out celebration of the latest alt-pop vixen to emerge with her own brand of spooky electro tinged indie.

San Franciscan Ryn Weaver appears striking as she takes the centre of the tiny make shift stage and launches herself into a personal battle cry ‘Runaway’. The young performer immediately comes across as far more visceral and raw than the polished gleam of her recorded works.

She entrances the audience with the haunting deep vocals of ‘Pierre’ before her accompanying musicians welcome in a barrage of crunching guitar and some thumping percussion which yearns to fill a larger space . Ryn’s vocal continues to match this sentiment as she hits the power notes with ease and evokes a smattering of cheers and applause from audience members after showcasing her tonsils within the small room.

Although Weaver’s music is far more acknowledged in the States, there is clearly an invested interest due to the reaction of previously released EP tracks ‘Stay Low’ and the ethereal single ‘The Fool’. The latter in particular was Ryn’s performance of the evening as the band comes together in a perfect melodic crescendo whilst she focuses on performing the vocal acrobatics of the truly infectious chorus.

Appearing to hit the stride after this high point, she runs through another couple of forthcoming album tracks ahead of her oldest and perhaps best known track ‘Octohate’ which receives the largest applause of the evening. Carrying herself with the brooding mystery of Banks and garish grandeur of Lana Del Rey, it appears to be only a matter of time before Ryn Weaver simply sky rockets from beneath the ever fracturing radar.


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