Little May – The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

Australian female trio Little May have been creating whimsical pop/folk/indie since their incarnation and it accumulated in a luxurious, cathartic self titled EP in 2014. To promote this release and to create anticipation for the release of their awaited debut album, the girls have taken to the road for a large UK tour. Last night they appeared in Birmingham’s intimate Sunflower Lounge to a handful of clearly in the know revellers.

A fantastic local outfit named Chartreuse opened with a set of melodic, anthemic and often grunge inspired tracks from an unnamed EP or album. The quartet is assured to set the blogosphere alight with a radio friendly alt-rock and an unteachable natural stage demeanour.

Little May appears on stage with a meek demeanour yet momentous sound, despite there being only three vocalists and a supporting keyboard player and drummer they create a wonderfully layered, textured sonar in the intimacy of the basement setting.

There is clearly practice needed when it comes to onstage chatter as Hannah Field has quite an uneasy mannerism when interacting with the crowd however it is pretty understandable in a venue that could be likened to a large living room which really allows nowhere to hide. Speaking of which, a real highlight of the night came in the form of current single ‘Hide’ which is a momentous piece of alt-folk pop with a quiet power that really showcases the bubbling potential lay beneath this three piece.

Performing ‘Boardwalks’ and ‘Bones’ from their EP in quick procession, the girls finish on an unnamed track set for the debut album before a rather abrupt ending leaving the crowd in unready bemusement. There is no doubt that the girls are well practiced in terms of their musicianship, they simply need further practice in a real world live setting however something leaves me with the impression they will take the quick ascension to larger stages very much within their stride.


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