Say Lou Lou – Heaven, London

The atmosphere at Say Lou Lou’s UK album launch gig was one of complete curiosity. The sister duo have been on the spectrum of notice for over a year now and have played a handful of dates in the UK as well as appearing at a number of high profile festivals yet the patrons of Heaven did not seem to be in collective excitement, more anticipation for the city’s apparent best kept secret of the evening.

The sleek back drop illuminates featuring the 70’s style logo and the girls step out in matching glimmering tops, the whole stage setup seemed to perfectly summate the music and as the piano keys of ‘Everything We Touch’ begins the room erupts for this indescribably sophisticated piece of pop.

The audience remains responsive throughout yet my friends and I seemed to be acting as Say Lou Lou’s personal cheer squad during the airing of album tracks ‘Glitter’ and ‘Wilder Than The Wind’. There were evident sound issues due to over static on the speaker system although luckily these were rectified in time for early single ‘Games For Girls’ which was performed to record-perfect quality with tingling percussion and trip-hop baseline.

The duo has a wonderful charisma onstage and speaks to their audience fondly as the UK has been a major supporter of their career and the dedication accumulates in a singalong to the ice cool, sultry ballad ‘Julian’ which sees the sisters harmonise to their maximum potential. The swan song of the evening is preceding single and cinematic, shimmering piece of indie pop ‘Nothing But A Heartbeat’ which is more battle cry than closer. They return for an encore of ‘Beloved’ and ‘Better In The Dark’, the latter unfortunately not making the final cut of ‘Lucid Dreaming’ due to the impossibly high standard of its content yet it is a fitting closure to Say Lou Lou’s largest UK gig thus far and a reminder of how far the sisters have come in a relatively small time.

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