San Cisco – Gracetown

Australian quartet San Cisco won critical acclaim following the release of their eponymous debut album in 2012 along whilst a fan base for their sunny indie pop came naturally, with the music going down particularly well Stateside. They promoted the release tirelessly yet they have still found time to record a follow-up released in the UK this week. ‘Grace town’ has already proved to be a smash in their homeland, it is a somewhat more rounded release than the first that delves into new musical territory.

‘Run’ is a sleek, MGMT-esque opener with bendy guitar riffs and a breathy, sultry vocal that is easily as anthemic as previous record opener ‘Beach’ yet relies heavier genres on the genre of lounge and indie to appear as something of an off-cut from Arctic Monkeys – ‘AM’. ‘Too Much Time Together’ is a jaunty, free spirited piece of indie pop which could happily sit on their first LP and really makes the most of drummer Scarlett Stevens supporting vocal. There is a slightly strange format between tracks six and nine as they all run to a length of around two minutes and act as small bite sized pieces of San Cisco that mainly deal in the downtempo.

‘Bitter Winter’ aims for Vampire Weekend obscurity yet unfortunately falls very far short and just appears somewhat irritating. ‘Jealousy’ is an almost acapella freestyle ditty complete with hand drum beat and a duet with Isabella Manfredi that aims for seduction yet seems rather out of place in the colourful world of ‘Gracetown’. The first half of this album has some real potential, the smooth alt-dance stylings of ‘Magic’ is something of genuine refreshment whilst the groovy ‘Wash It All Away’ embodies the spirit of Prince with a high vocal and killer hook. By the mid-point it drops off the edge fast and never recovers, it is a real shame as you can see the band were trying to recreate the effortless cool of ‘Wild Things’ on a grander scale yet by overthinking it the effort has become very evident.

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