Say Lou Lou – Lucid Dreaming

The Australian/Swedish sister duo Say Lou Lou seem to have been on everybody’s ‘ones to watch list’ for the past 18 months and following a number of solid singles we finally have an amalgamation of the hype in the form of the aptly named ‘Lucid Dreaming’. Having established their brand of dream pop as being one of shimmering luxury, only the highest calibre has been included on this heavily considered debut LP. From the anthemic opener ‘Everything We Touch’ you are given a sense of the girls’ mission to stand out above the over saturated market and make their ethereal voices heard.

Anthemic themes continue on ‘Angels (Above Me)’ as the duo sing in cinematic tone whilst synth engulfs the chorus and the thumping drum bridge is ever leading to a crescendo. These lofty tracks seem to be something of a battle cry to announce the arrival of Say Lou Lou, thankfully they do tone down the grandeur for the achingly cool ‘Games For Girls’ which is an understated piece of pop majesty. This formula is echoed during ‘Nothing But A Heartbeat’ which draws a line perfectly between the momentous and the minimal whilst demonstrating the sisters have a masterful grasp of power-pop.

A smart decision to include two early cuts, the new wave ‘Peppermint’ and the dramatic ‘Julian’ make for two of the album’s strongest moments, the latter in particular is a balladic, engaging trancelike piece of music that really identifies Say Lou Lou as a group with startling potential. The album never loses pace to the final disjointed tones of ‘Skylights’ you find yourself moving to the rhythm of this hymnal melody with glittering production values and synonymous level of sheen. It is clear that the wait has been very much worth it as ‘Lucid Dreaming’ is one of the most consistently strong collections of pop songs for quite some time, in an industry where this genre is becoming further fragmented and manipulated it is refreshing to see a duo strip it back and do it to this level of success.

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