Glass Animals – The Kazimier, Liverpool

Although there were no palm trees present on the final night of Glass Animals’ UK tour, the band successfully transported Liverpool into their own psychedelic jungle. The secretive nature of the band’s reputation seems to fit the atmosphere well as the fans inside The Kazimier are clearly devoted to the criminally underrated ‘Zaba’. The gargantuan reaction to early cult hit ‘Gooey’ is a credit to the band’s reputation and the ferocity in which they perform this fan favourite is a credit to their clear dedication to really bring the show.

There is a sense of madness within the venue, partly due to the enthusiasm of the Liverpudlian crowd but also the bizarre dancing Bayley performs during the tribal introduction to ‘Walla Walla’. Either way this hedonistic madness spurs on both the crowd and band as they enjoy the shared vibe as they go about creating a memorable experience along with the complex ‘Zaba’ music. The instrumental ‘Intruxx’ showcases the quartet’s musical ability that goes into their fragmented tropical/pop sounds before unleashing an athemic ‘Hazey’ which the crowds proudly sing along during the chorus.

Bayley reminds the crowd it is Friday and we should be ready for ‘a fucking party’ before ‘Flip’ as the audience begin to climb each other’s shoulders entirely unprovoked. He climbs atop a speaker for the band’s now synonymous cover of ‘Love Lockdown’ by Kanye West before the finale of alt-pop ditty ‘Pools’. Thanking the Liverpool audience for their continuous enthusiasm throughout the night, the crowd’s applauses are deafening before the warped introduction begins and they enjoy one final singalong as Dave runs into the masses and jumps along with his devoted followers. Glass Animals are making waves globally and their summer schedule in the US is momentous so I imagine upon their return you will struggle to see them in a venue of equal intimacy as they are a band on the verge of creative domination.


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