Indiana – No Romeo

Despite originally scheduled to be released at the beginning of September 2014, Nottingham born Lauren Henson finally releases her debut ‘No Romeo’ this week. Indiana herself attains a vocal seemingly designed to keep her head above the over saturated market of quirky females making shiny electro pop (see Ellie Goulding, Marina, Banks etc) and although it is different, it can occasionally feel slightly forced on certain notes.

However for what Henson lacks in vocal originality she far makes up for in evocative pop/dance. She makes masterful, shimmering songs such as ‘Jack’ and ‘Heart On Fire’ which could easily fill dimly lit clubs with the same success as innovators of the genre such as Kylie Minogue & Annie Lennox who were able to create dance floor fillers without the aid of Calvin Harris or Sigma. Another huge talent Indiana obtains in an elusive skill of intrigue, from the tense synth of ‘Never Born’ to the last ominous chant found on ‘Mess Around’ you are encapsulated within the album and rarely allow your attention to wander.

There are moments where Indiana identifies herself as a force of electro dance to be reckoned with, the intelligent conversation within ‘Shadow Flash’ and pure emotive quality within her vocal make it one of the most intriguing points of this album. Meanwhile ‘Solo Dancing’ remains my personal favourite dance track of 2014 as Lauren easily pulls off the sophisticated, quiet cool of Robyn within this all consuming piece of brooding electro/dance pop. At a length of thirteen tracks, there appears to be evidence of the release date delay as older singles and filler tracks such as ‘Calibrated Love’ are included but despite this, the album as a package feels clear.

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