Leo Kalyan – Stranger Mixtape

Enigmatic new artist Leo Kalyan has unveiled his debut mixtape, titled Stranger. A collection of 7 songs, Stranger, unlike its namesake is a musical introduction into the world of Leo Kalyan. It is a flirtatious insight in to his influences, sounds, textures and unbounded capabilities as a producer, vocalist and songwriter.

Speaking of the mixtape, Leo describes how, “The Stranger mixtape began as a purely creative experiment, and trying to bring together the various sounds and influences I was playing with in the studio. Most of all, it’s just a playful glimpse into my musical imagination. I’d say it hints at what’s to come, but you never know – I like the element of surprise.”

His vocal is traditionally R & B yet the quality and package of the mixtape is both experimental and heavily glossed thanks to co-production by Grades and SHIFT K3Y. Leo merges a cover of Charli XCX’s ‘Boom Clap’ into his own track ‘Whenever I’m Down’ in such a succinct manner that makes it as original as the other material found on Stranger.

The cover of ‘Love Like This’ has a wonderful downtempo melody that seems to be prepared for a remix to turn it from a mild piece of electro into a festival packaged anthem. A lot of the content found on this tape is underplayed and there is a sophisticated subtlety within Leo’s music, demonstrated on the harmonious ‘Full Circle’.

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