Jackmaster Tweak-A-Holic at XOYO

If you wanted a living-breathing example of the British’s continued love affair with all things left of centre, you probably needn’t look further than Jackmaster’s Tweak-A-Holic mix series; it’s about coming to terms with the cheesiest 80’s hits and eccentric party melodies – music that, by many, would be described as a guilty pleasure but it was so much more than that.

As such, it was thrilling to see the entire capacity crowd shift gears as Jackmaster and Artwork took to the ones-and-twos for an all night session. No party anthem was spared from Miami Sound Machine’s ‘Dr. Beat’ to Siedah Garrett’s rowdy ‘Do You Want It Right Now’. Though not restricting themselves to the sounds of the 80’s, a sense of continuity managed to pervade the whole set, and highlights – if you could pick any from an entire set of full-blown raucousness – came mostly in the name of Doc Daneeka’s ‘Walk On In’ and Hans Berg’s oversized ‘Tucan Fever’.

Whitney Housten’s ‘How Will I Know’ marked perhaps the apex of the evening; arguably her best record, the tune’s grandiose and touch of bling induced near hysteria. It’s hard to criticize an event like this, where 99 percent of people in the room are quite clearly having the time of their lives – from every recognisable fizzing 80’s synthesizer to slamming numbers by Midland and Claptone – Jackmaster and Artwork had every sonic detail executed to perfection.

After being heckled for an encore, the venue cleared out with faces stunned, both from the withdrawal of the strobe light assault and what just happened sonically. Jackmaster and Artwork shared an amorous hug and that was it – the end of a night that provided the most fun I’ve had this summer – XOYO is becoming an unstoppable force – props to Andy Peyton and co.

Written for Ticket Arena.


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