Karma Kid – Intro ft. Andreya Triana

Is this the ‘Intro’ to a forthcoming album perhaps? If not, it should be. Karma Kid has been around the past few years producing records like a seasoned artist. Truth be told, Sam Knowles is twenty years old and he’s been toying with electronic music’s soft tendencies for a while now. ‘Intro’, off his forthcoming release on Future Classic sees Knowles’ production progress leaps and bounds since the days of ‘It’s Always’.

I’m personally a huge fan of Sam’s work and I for one am incredibly happy about the direction his sounds are heading. ‘Intro’, along with ‘No Qualms’ and ‘Bird Of Prey’ is well structured, using the sometimes hapless sounds of 2014 to its full potential. Andreya Triana adds a welcomed layer to this record and the pads revolving around her phonetics are, without sounding condescending, incredibly mature and well mixed.

Karma Kid: Soundcloud

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