Laurent Garnier – Enchanté [Hypercolour]

Iremember going to the London Electronic Music Event back in March listening to Jamie Russell talk about this release; rarely have I seen a label owner so excited about an EP. Hypercolour have commanded a lot of respect over the past couple years and with only 39 releases to their name, they’ve managed to bag Laurent Garnier – an electronic music prophet.

Enchanté is ten-minutes of pure splendidness: it pushes the vocabulary of dance music to it’s most mystifying edge and feels incredibly reassured. It features a guff, warping bass riff that will get any club’s woofers pushing an almighty amount of air but it’s also retains that euphoric, end-of-night feel to it with loose and joyous pads. Three listens will cost you half-an-hour, so if you’ve got the time, knock yourself out.

 Laurent Garnier: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

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