Review: UV Festival

You may be looking at the ratings on the left thinking: “the lineup wasn’t great, we probably shouldn’t go next year”. If that’s your mindset about festivals as a whole – you’re as ignorant and naive as the trendy hipsters you spend all day moaning about. UV Festival is steadily building a reputation as the family festival you don’t want to be inviting the kiddies to. Finely curating their artist fare with promising up-and-comers such as One Bit and festival organisers themselves, Santiago Street Machine with established DJs such as Him Self Her the event offered more than what is first perceived.

From yoga, large Jenga playpens, cheap booze and food to chill-out tents and a beanbag toss game, the organisers clearly put in a lot of  effort to ensure festival goers to enjoy themselves throughout the day. Things escalated pretty quickly on the 9th August as you’re allowed you to bring as much alcohol as you like to both the camping and main tents and come 8pm, pretty much everyone – including me – was off their face.

This worked out pretty well as The Wolf was warming up the main tent with his typical array of tech-house bangers. The dancefloor soon filled out and in contrast with the bar, which appeared to be the festivals chill out zone, the main tent was a full-on party from the get go. The Wolf made his intent clear from the off, throwing down a selection of tracks that brought about a sea of fist pumps each time one was mixed in. The energy levels were high and the atmosphere friendly and welcome with no chin-strokers in sight. By the time Him Self Her were on, The Wolf helped the tent descend into a sweaty mass of bodies – it’s just a real shame he had an MC. Him Self Her followed straight afterwards with another impressive turn on the decks. Carrying the likes of Dixon and Thyladomid in their arsenal, they had no problems maintaining the tents energy level.

I don’t remember anything past this point. 

Wherever I was during UV Festival, I was met by smiles, comfort and a sense of safety and community that I have never experienced at any other festival. Props to the organisers for creating such an atmosphere. We strongly recommend you give it a go next year if you’re after a different festival experience.

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