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Ceremony Festival is the latest addition to the renowned FOUND series. The Eastern Electrics and Urban Nerds crew started FOUND back in September 2011 as a series of 15 events at the infamous Hidden night club in Vauxhall. Following this they scaled up, took a few risks, and put on Found Festival which has now become a key highlight at the  start of the London festival season. Last year they threw their first street party in Shoreditch which was wildly popular and now, being the good people they are, we’re spoilt with yet another event to end the Summer on. Ceremony Festival will be taking place at Finsbury Park on Saturday 13th September and musically it covers the entire spectrum of underground dance music: Chicago kings, Lil Louis– gangster house pioneers, Todd Terry – old school garage cats, DJ Luck & MC Neat – tech heads, Nick Curly – deep under covers, Citizen – the list goes on.

The expertly crafted programming across the 7 arenas speaks for itself but I thought I’d go through each and pick out some personal highlights that we’re looking forward to and perhaps by extension you will?

Ceremony Main Stage: Without a doubt the must see of the whole festival. Little Louie Vega. The man is a legend in every right producing some of the greatest house and garage tracks to grace this little planet of ours. Him and Kenny Dope Gonzalez started producing together in 1990 as the power house duo Masters At Work (MAW), a name which was funnily enough given to them by Todd Terry (who you’ll also be able to see at the festival doing a house set at one stage and hip hop set at another!!!). One for the die-hards. Don’t miss it!

51st STATE: When it comes to grandiose fall-to-the-floor gangster house it doesn’t get much better than DJ Sneak. Inhale some of this on the day!

Urban Nerds: James Benenson. You’ve nailed it agun. Too many to choose from. For those that dun’kno this is where you’ll find the UK bass sound, some old school garage flava with a touch of future. With regards to the latter go peak some Woz.

MAGNA CARTA: This is where it’s happening. These guys have really dominated the underground house/tech scene across the UK but especially in London where they started. Once again too many to choose from but if forced I’d definitely write down Sidney Charles in the rave diary.

GROOVE ODYSSEY: Being honest I haven’t heard of a lot of these guys from just a quick scan of the names which probably means they’re old school house cats. From a rapid listen I’d say this is where the more soulful house vibes are going down. Maybe something more for the start of the day when the suns out. From the sound bites this was suitably filling by Jazzy M.

SO FRESH SO CLEAN: Hip hop baebay! Where would music be without it? These guys are bringing old school flavours from the West Coast to West London. Managed to catch The Menendez Brothers at the Found Festival after party – they certainly know how to get the party kickin’. Watch out though. Serious shapes will be thrown. Possibly some break dancing.  A 3 metre radius around all attendees is recommended. Gonna keep it house with the mix. Looking forward to hearing the dark side on the day.

JUNGLE THEMED VIP ARENA HOSTED BY EGG LDN: Tough choice but c’mon it has to be the mischievous Krankbrothers. The parties they’ve been throwing are the stuff of legends. Can’t wait to see these fellas in person.


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