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Surround Festival fever is in full swing. The anticipation builds with each passing hour. 16/08/14 will be the first year it is running and it’s looking ill on the outset. With a killer line up, global domes, a skate park, a forest, outdoor stages, overnight camping and many more experiences ready for you to discover it’s looking to be a seriously solid day and night of  vibing.  Final release tickets are available here and using the promo code TURKS20 will give you 20% off so now you have no excuse 😉 Available until midnight 11/08/14. In line with fevers we managed to catch Jus Now, one of the headliners who are blowing up on the scene (#FTTK),  for a quick interview at Fine Dining@The Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park, London.

So Jus Now is a collab between Interface (Sam Chadburn), Bristol and LAZAbeam (Keshav Chandradath Singh), Trinidad. How did you guys meet?

S: We were introduced through a mutual friend at then now legendary “Run” club night at Native in Bristol. Keshav was visiting the UK with a Trini band called 3 Canal.

Bristol is renowned historically for having a rampant breaks/psy-trance scene in the 90’s and more recently undergoing a house revival being led by the big man Eats Everything amongst others. How has the soca / bashment scene which you guys seems to be pioneering developed over the years and who would you say are the ones to watch out for?

S: I always thought Bristol was more renowned for trip hop, drum and bass and dubstep music than breaks and psy trance but I guess underground club music from all genres has always been strong here.

K: There isn’t really a soca “scene” in Bristol as far as I can see. There has always been a lot of reggae and dancehall as Bristol has a large Jamaican population but not so much soca as far as I know. The only people other than us that are really pushing soca-infused sounds in Bristol are The Dutty Inspectors crew. Big ups to Dub Boy and Atik2. If there are others, and you’re reading this, give us a shout 🙂

Individually divulge a summary of how you both got into music?

S: I grew up in Glastonbury and first went to the festival in my mother’s 7 month pregnant belly so I guess my love for music started there. Glastonbury festival has definitely played a massive part in me becoming the person I am today.

K: I was born into a musical family and along with my two elder brothers, my dad used to beat drums on our backs to put us to sleep as babies. I figure some of that stuck! I first started making beats when I was about 13 on a simple wav editor and cassette tapes, then it progressed with the technology. All the while, believe it or not, I was dead set on playing football and got decently far with that, but after I didn’t make the T&T national squad for Germany 06′ I made a decision to do what I loved all along, full time.

You’ve recently been star guests on the B.Traits BBCR1 mixfluence show offering up a brilliant mix and played alongside Toddla T at XOYO which looked like absolute meardness. What’s the touring schedule looking like for you guys over the next few months and who are you looking forward to playing most with and at which events?

S: We have had a really busy summer this year and the next few weeks are crazy for us. Here is a little list:

Fri 8th Aug: Boomtown, Winchester
Sun 10th Aug: supporting Bunji Garlin @ Islington 02 Academy
Sat  16th Aug: Surround Festival
Sun 17th Aug: Rototom Sunsplash, Benicassim, Spain
Fri 22nd Aug: Shamballa Festival, Northamptonshire
Sat 23rd Aug: L.I.M.F, Sefton Park, Liverpool
Mon 25th Aug: Red Bull Music Academy Notting Hill Carnival
Sat 6th Sept: Bestival, Isle of Wight
Sat 13th Sept: Kelburn Garden Party, Scotland

I’m looking forward to them all really. Surround Festival definitely looks like it will be a wicked vibe 🙂 My birthday is on the 23rd of August and that’s our busiest weekend of the year so all those gigs should be fun!

K: We’re playing  a few mad ones coming up. I’ve never been to the Isle of White before so Bestival looks like it’s going to be special. Notting Hill is a great time for us because we live the Carnival life and it’s in full force on those two days!

Give us an exclusive yo. What you working on right now and what label you releasing it on!

K: We’ve been doing some interesting and unique collaborations recently. The collaborators are probably too numerous to write in a short answer, but we are actually working on a collaborative EP with two of our favourite UK producers, Champion and Dismantle, which we’re hoping to release before the end of the year. We’re also finalizing our next release for DJ Die‘s ‘Gutterfunk‘ imprint as well.

Working as a duo has it pros and cons. Who does what in the working relationship?

K: We both have unique skill sets and different personalities that we reflect wholeheartedly in the music. Coming from different backgrounds, our sound is influenced by our musical heritage and upbringings. We both share a deep interest in sub-heavy music and percussion, often rooted in folk music from different world cultures, so both of us use our individual methods to hone this into the Jus Now sound.

S: Its great working in a team, I’ve always preferred it to working on my own, a second pair of ears is always helpful. The great thing about our team is we are very different people with different influences, skills and vision on where we want to take the track. I guess I often do more of the technical, sound engineering side and Keshav deals more with melodies and rhythm but we both like to be fully involved in the whole process.

Top 5 influences each. Can be a mixture of artists, events, labels, YouTube, websites etc.

1. Glastonbury Festival
2. Native Nightclub Bristol (R.I.P)
3. Full Cycle Crew
4. Trinidad and Tobago
5. 90’s Skateboard Videos

K: Very Hard to choose but if I had to right this second 5 big influences on me would include:
1. Notorious BIG
2. Andreas Vollenweider
3. Timbaland
4. Radiohead
5. Laventille Rhythm Section

Which artists do you aspire to both in production and career?

S: I think in music and art in general the only person you can aspire to be is yourself but there is definitely lots producers out there who I really respect! I love producers who can turn their hand to many different styles of music but still have their own style and artistic integrity. Mark Pritchard and Jamie XX are a couple of producers who can do no wrong for me.

K: Again, too many to list but a shortlist would include: Quincy Jones, Timbaland, AR Rahman, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Leston Paul, William Orbit, Zero 7, Royksopp.

Favourite food?

K: I love hot, peppery food and gravitate toward a ginger/garlic combo a lot of the time, but on the other side of the coin I also like simple flavours like an English roast, for example.

S: Depends on my mood, I love all kinds of food. I think I could probably eat jerk chicken every day of the week though!

Tell us something you’ve never told anyone before!

K: I was born with a blue bottom but it got normal when I got older.

Finally what mayhem are you bringing to Surround Festival off the stage. Where will we find you on site?

S: Well on stage we basically like to have a massive party so off the stage I will probably be continuing the party amongst the madness, find me by the speakers, bottle of rum in my hand and a big grin on my face 🙂

Cheers fellas. See you on the flipside!

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