Action Bronson – Easy Rider

We finally have the first single from Action Bronson’s debut albumĀ Mr Wonderful and it is classic Bronsalino. ‘Easy Rider’ has production handled by long-time collaborator Party Supplies and the duo provide an amalgamation of trippy funk and psychedelic melodies. As ever there are so many quotable lines, “Shit you barely got sneaker money, so much dick in their mouths, that’s why these motherfucker’s speaking funny”.

Bam Bam has been releasing mixtapes like clockwork for the last few years and in my opinion he has done a lot with a small budget. Now I am excited to see what he can do with a major label like Atlantic behind him. I think the ‘Easy Rider’ sounds unmistakeably Bronson but there is an air to it we haven’t seen before. I genuinely feel Action Bronson is going to become one of the biggest rappers in the world. His Ghostface Killah like flow, wit and unrivalled stage show can not be touched at the minute. His following is growing and I for one, will “ride the Harley into the sunset” and go copĀ Mr Wonderful when it drops later this year.


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