Top 5 Artists At: Eastern Electrics

Eastern Electrics is upon us this weekend so like always here’s a playlist of the best tracks by artists that are booked to perform.

1. Kerri Chandler

Does he really need an introduction? TheĀ legend that is Kerri Chandler has been injecting soul into music since the early nineties. We’ve seen him countless times and he’s never, ever disappointed. Booking of the festival for us.

2. Daniel Avery

The humble yet audacious sounds of Fabric London resident Daniel Avery is yet another outstanding booking by the EE crew. His most famous record ‘Drone Logic’ emphatically takes the listener on a hi-fidelity trip for the duration of its hypnotic murmurs.

3. Dense & Pika

Having seen them at Gottwood Festival there is absolutely no denying that their set at Eastern Electrics is going to be nothing short of excellent. It’s a difficult one to foresee but if these guys are playing in a tent then it’s sure to be a stormer.

4. Derrick Carter

IĀ once opted to watch Derrick Carter instead of Todd Terje and I to this day do not regret that decision. The man is an underrated house-icon. Just like Kerri Chandler, this man is most known for his ability on the ones-and-twos so to miss him DJ is to miss a master show.

5. T. Williams

If you’re at the festival and you find yourself a little downbeat and looking for a high-octane set with some UK Bass, House, Garage and some Bassline then T. Williams is the man for you. His recent ‘Shake That’ EP is pure excellence and sees T. Williams cross the genre boundary as he does so effortlessly during his sets.

Eastern Electrics takes place on the 2nd August 2014 at Hatfield House.

You can still buy tickets HERE.

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