SunDown eXp ft. Rasharn Powell – Never Giving Up

I am known as a Hip-Hop head in general, but every now and again a track can come along and turn my head, ‘Never Giving Up’ is one of those. SunDown eXp are a production duo from South London who have teamed up with a young Essex vocalist named Rasharn Powell. I can’t proclaim to know a lot about House music in any form but, I do know a good song when I hear it. As soon as the summery vibe kicked in I was transported to a sunny festival with all my best friends.  The mix of house and R&B has been tried and tested over the last 2 years and become massive thanks to artists like Disclosure. This track is perfect for fans of laid back soulful House. As these 2 hone their craft I expect massive things from them, so don’t be surprised in the next few years if you hear SunDown eXp at a festival near you.


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