Cakes Da Killa – Living Gud, Eating Gud

Cakes Da Killa attacks beats. I’ve never heard him waste so much as a bar when going in over what is usually some of the most high-octane, progressive stuff going right now. I honestly think if it wasn’t for Hip Hop’s continued underlying homophobia (which has really gotta stop now its 2014…) he’d be one of the most celebrated new artists in the game.

Having just dropped his new project Hunger Pangs though, that could be about to change. The first single from it Living Gud, Eating Gud’ is a demonstration of everything there is to love about Cakes. It’s as playfully flamboyant as it is neck-snappingly aggressive, wrapping sharp humour in amongst air-tight flows. With all this over a beat that solidly bangs, ask yourself, why isn’t Cakes your favorite rapper yet?

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