Hawk House – Chill Pill (Experiment 2)

The apparent ‘Death of Lyricism’ is constantly being debated in Hip Hop. Hip Hop traditionalists are forever staring misty eyed back to the 90s (to a time that they were probably too young to have ever experienced anyway) when everything was supposedly perfect and every single radio single was a well-crafted piece of lyrical gold. This is of course total bullshit but that’s another rant for another day. The funny thing is that lyricism is alive and well – these naysayers probably just haven’t thought to look for it in London.

Hawk House, comprised of brothers Sam and Eman, and their friend Demae, deliver sharp lyricism and nimble flows in a way that is effortlessly fresh. The light Dilla-esque production onĀ ‘Chill Pill’ gives the song a stylish flair that is matched by the sharp design of the video. They are also consistently on point with their fashion which is always a bonus. Hawk House remind us that there’s no point dwelling on Hip Hop’s past when the future is this exciting.

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