Brown Brogues – Getting Caned In The Face With An Ashtray

Brown Brogues have taken it upon themselves to grace the world with the two other tunes from their Record Store Day release Zoloto. If it’s not already obvious how I feel about the two tracks, here’s a link to the other one.

‘Getting Caned In The Face With An Ashtray’ is a name that I think demands attention and the song that accompanies it does exactly the same. The eerie beginning leads us into an ordered yet fuzzy riff layered with psychedelic vocals that for me, almost border on Beatles-esque. The instrumentals blend from controlled to frenzied with finesse and the near five minute track is a treat throughout.

Of the last two tracks just released from Zoloto, this is the one that exhibits Brown Brogues’ ability to create music that makes you feel like you’re dancing with a crowd inside a garage that’s drenched in psychadelia.

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