Brown Brogues – Booooooom

Brown Brogues have taken it upon themselves to grace the world with the two other tunes from their Record Store Day release Zoloto. If it’s not already obvious how I feel about the two tracks, here’s a link to the other one.

There’s a seven second calm at the beginning of ‘Booooooom’ before Bro Bro unleash the dirty storm that has followed them their entire career. The song is harsh with sinister sentiments and echoed screams along with garbled human sounds make up much of the tune’s vocals.

For the entire track, Brown Brogues lead us bobbing down a dark alley before cutting the effects and revealing we’ve been safe all along, the song ending with a humorous sample of the band swearing, an example of the childishness that is regularly present and keeping the band fresh.

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