Ben Gomori ft. JNR Williams – I Don’t Want No

As part of the 5ALiVE EP due on the 28th April, ‘I Don’t Want No’ is refreshingly raw in its execution. It’s a real head-down minimalistic affair with simple, yet effective chord stabs wending their way into its lightly-steered vortex. A pounding 4×4 rhythm is less dominant in the sparse landscape of nervy chimes and filtered pads.┬áCut from the same – albeit slightly less blithe – cloth as Robert Owens, JNR Williams heightens the track’s sense of depravity. The lyrics – “time waits for no man… Got to get a move on” – suggest a sense of repression, and its claim is the polar opposite of the garish infection you’d see underpinned by most soulful vocalists. Its ambience and raw sentiment is thoroughly congenial, but that’s somewhat expected from Gomori’s production style. ‘I Don’t Want No’ lies in a hazy limbo so I’m struggling to find a place for it in today’s current house market, having said that, it does allow for it to sit in solitary confinement. Like the film of a TV series, it stands in primacy over its soon-forgotten drone-like counterparts. Pre-order HERE.

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