They Call Me Raptor – Gambler

They Call Me Raptor is an new rapper coming straight out of London, who has caught my ear and blown me away with this track. I was put on to it by T&U’s big boss Shiv and I can’t thank him enough. The bass from the Alix Perez production hits you right in the face from the first second. Raptor’s flow is something between Giggs and Dream McLean, with a distinct LDN style. His heavy bars sit brilliantly on big bass and claps. ‘Gambler’ would still have sounded great as straight bars but the hook in this track makes it such a banger. “I better make it all work and that’s an anthem”, he did make it work.

He’s about to release his self-titled EP, produced by Alix Perez, on April 28 on Foreign Beggars’ new label Par Excellence. I will certainly be checking it out when it drops later this month.


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