Todd Terje – It’s Album Time

It’s safe to assume that Todd Terje is feeling a little cinematic with his début-release – It’s Album Time. With funk at the very tip of his tongue, Olsen finds the fickle line between cheese and pure genius, and with a guest appearance from Bryan Ferry – it can’t really go wrong. Olsen intricately constructs his records in knowing layers, purposely building tension firing funk-induced darts at the very heart of the disco ball he so desires to keep rolling.

Aesthetically plastic, ‘Inspector Norse’ and ‘Oh Joy’ are perfectly dramatic. He makes every element dance for him, orchestrating them like some mad conductor. Remarkably, the cumulative effect of gorgeous jazz-funk synths and dancefloor chops leaves you in limbo for longer than you’d wish. The clichés are directing me to talk about the journey Olsen takes you on throughout this album, but in all honesty, the escapade is short-lived.

‘Strandbar’, though plastered with playful piano chops has been hindered by its album cut, the original version fares much better in the realms of this album.  Tantrically teasing – ‘Delorean Dynamite’ with the whole ’80s, sweat-band wearing, athletic appearance could make some feel perturbed at first but it’s lain without letting anything – be even a hair’s width – out of place. Something Olsen has quite the knack for is encapsulating his listeners – much like a techno record – but the flow is cut short with the odd addition of ‘Johnny and Mary’ featuring mid-way rather than what would have been pleasant denouement.

With every detail nailed – even down to the album artwork – the ornamental attraction to Olsen’s album bearing significance to laptop speakers first to dance floor subs speaks volumes for Terje. The long awaited début was definitely worth waiting for; down to the analogous-ness of Bryan Ferry’s inclusion to the Rio induced carnival playfulness of ‘Alfonso Muskedunder’ – which could also go down as the song title of the year –  ‘It’s Album Time’ was a pleasure from start to end.

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