50 Cent – Hold On

50 Cent is back with a new album titled ‘Animal Ambition’, his first since 2009’s ‘Before I Self Destruct’ and this time, he’s going it alone. After leaving Interscope in February of this year and taking G-Unit records independent, he is nearly ready to drop the album on June 3rd. Questions have been asked about his relevance in modern day Hip-Hop though, the game has moved on significantly since his last album, has he? With his newest effort ‘Hold On’ the answer is no, not really, but in this instance that isn’t a problem for me.

The stripped back minimalist production on this track make it the perfect song to lay back to and remember the good old days. The Queens-born rapper has been quoted as saying “This album is prosperity” and you get that feeling right from the first bars “I woke up this morning/this is insane/rich as a motherfucker/and ain’t much changed”. In short we catch ‘Fif’ in reflective mood about his life, he’s rich but he hasn’t changed, yes we’ve heard it all before but this song isn’t here to shatter moulds, it’s to remind you what you’ve been missing while he’s been away. With that mission statement, he succeeds.


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