Artist of the Month [December]

Rising star and recent Columbia records signee Shift K3y is our favourite artist of the month for December. A number of high profile appearances on BBC Radio 1Extra has seen his fan base grow over the course of the year. Our first introduction to Shift K3y was on Breach’s Essential Mix with¬†I’m Not Into It;¬†a record that exemplifies his sound and is the very definition of avant-garde. Full of taut open hi- hats, meaty claps and bass- drenched house beats which are propelled into their stride with airy, open build up’s that are normally submerged with breezy piano riffs and requisite vocals.

He has released a string of high quality free downloads…

All these tracks above are all available for free download on his official website.


Shift K3y Turks and Underdog



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