Sankeys Reopening / Warehouse Project Take Year Off


Who would have guessed it?! Sankeys is reopening as Sankeys MCR, technically not the same some might say. Everyone under the sun had a slight incline that this was a marketing ploy, I mean, would Sankeys really abandon the city that helped them grow as an international clubbing brand?

Some would argue that it was the Warehouse Project that were taking ”all” the good bookings and that is what forced them to close. Some were probably naive enough to believe them when they said they were just going to focus on Ibiza. ¬†What the Warehouse Project has done is worked in establishing Manchester as one of the biggest dance music scenes with what we believe to be the biggest and most prolific clubbing series that this country has to offer.

There is some debate as to whether they are contracting their artists to play WHP and their Parklife/Unknown/Hideout festivals and therefore restricting any other club brand in reaching it’s potential….Rubbish; there are plenty of underground artists not playing the WHP. Truth be told, they help local brands by giving them rooms and tents on club nights and festivals alike.

It’s a shame that they are taking a break for a year, it’s most likely that they are taking the series to another location. It makes no ¬†business sense for them to just stop and give their competitors a chance to thrive….

Next year is shaping up to be a big one for Sankeys MCR, but their opening 2 nights are slightly disappointing. Obviously, Darius Syrossian is featured. Mosca, DJ W!ld, Audiofly and Andrea Oliva are a few to be in attendance. Nothing special though.




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